What Are the Better Alternatives Of Pressure Treated Lumber for Deck Construction

Deck is a valuable long-term investment that you are going to enjoy it for many decades to come. Due to this reason, it is essential to learn about the choice of materials before beginning your building project. Though pressure treated wood has been the most popular choice of deck material since decades, there are different cost-effective alternatives of this material present on the market.

Emergence of pressure treated wood alternatives

Till the year 2003, the commonly used deck materials were Pressure treated lumber and CCA. In 2004, the production of both these materials got discontinued for residential use due to bad public observation of CCA.

At this time, wood treated deck material made using a procedure called Alkaline Copper Quaternary was introduced. ACQ is a copper-based preservative that is an affordable alternative to CCA. Similar to CCA, ACQ treated wood is also treated against insect damage and decay.

Different grades and ratings of ACQ

Different grades of Alkaline Copper Quaternary lumber and the ratings are mentioned below as:

  • Above Ground (.25)
  • Fresh Water Contact (.40)
  • Ground Contact (.40)

The basis for these ratings is the level of saturation in the treating procedure. ACQ treated wood is highly corrosive to most of the metals. The chemicals present in ACQ has the ability to corrode galvanized fasteners. Due to this reason, it can’t be used in any form of metal, especially aluminum in the house.

MicroPro treated wood or Micronized copper systems

A new treating procedure called “MicroPro treated wood” also emerged in the market. This material provided fastener friendly properties. It is mainly designed to offer long-term performance in outdoor and indoor applications.

Effectiveness of this material helped in safeguarding wood against termite attack and fungal decay. Micronized copper systems are heavily used to treat wood for fences, landscaping, decks, and other general construction applications

How micronized copper systems are better than other treated wood material on the market?

Micronized copper systems have less copper content in it. This composition improves corrosion resistant characteristics to hardware and metal fasteners in comparison to “soluble” copper-based wood preservatives.

This type of treated wood is safe with an exemplary record of best performance in the market when utilized as per recommendation. Micronized copper preservatives work well than ACQ and also protects wood from fungal decay and termite attack.


The effectiveness of house foundation depends on the type of deck material that you choose. Understanding about the features and properties of these chemical alternative materials will help you decide the right deck material.

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