Wedding Catering Food – 11 Questions you should ask Your Caterer

Locating the perfect caterer for your wedding event is certainly the most important decisions you will need to make when planning the wedding. Prior to signing catering contract, make certain you may well ask your caterer all of the right inquiries to avoid any uncomfortable surprises on the way.

1. Before getting into any discussions about menus and prices for your wedding event, find out if the catering company you are thinking about can be obtained at the time of the wedding. Popular weekends get reserved pretty rapidly. Play the role of positive and begin hunting for a caterer once you have the wedding date confirmed. Also, ask should they have every other occasions planned on that day. Ideally, yours may be the only wedding they’ve that weekend, so you will get all of the attention in the period prior to the big event.

2. Make certain the caterer you think about to do the job is really a professional licensed food provider. Although it does not promise you the food will taste good, it’ll promise a minumum of one factor – food safety.

3. Request references. There is nothing wrong about asking a catering company for references. They could be great folks, but you wouldn’t want your wedding event is the first they cater. It’s also smart to go through their customers reviews – and not simply on the organization website however in other sources too. is definitely an excellent tool.

4. Ask your catering company when they offer food tasting. Could it be complimentary? The number of options do you’re able to try? You won’t want to invest in a $10,000 catering contract without ensuring your meals are precisely what you are searching for.

5. Does your caterer provide alcohol? Does your contract permit you to provide your personal alcohol for your wedding event? If you choose to take the own alcohol, what is the corkage fee? What about service charges? You caterer may not ask you for a corkage fee and can charge gratuity around the believed price of the beverages offered.

6. Will the catering company provide china, utensils, linens, and napkins? Could it be incorporated within the cost from the dinner? Otherwise, just how much may be the rental fee?

7. What’s the payment schedule? There is no standard here. Most catering companies charges you a first deposit during the time of the booking to be sure the date. The quantity of the deposit varies. It’s really a fixed number or perhaps a number of the entire invoice.

8. Cancellation policy. What goes on if you want to cancel your wedding event? Usually it is a sliding scale and also the cancellation fee is determined by how near to the event date the cancellation occurs. Be very obvious from the cancellation policy and obtain all things in writing.

9. Cut-off date. Just when was cut-off date to make the alterations towards the menu and quantity of visitors? Ordinarily a catering company will need all the details 72 hrs before the event. In those days you’ll have to provide “guaranteed quantity of visitors”.

10. Inquire about all additional charges. Don’t merely consider the menu prices – obtain the full picture of the all inclusive costs. The products to check out are:

· rental charges for lines, napkins, china, glasses, and utensils.

What does it take to find a good halal catering service? Apart from the prices and food menus, you may want to ask a few questions related to their food preparation norms and overall experience with large and small events.

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