How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress The Right Way?

It is sad to imagine that once your wedding day gets over, you will have to put away your lovely bridesmaid dresses in the wardrobe. No matter how beautiful your dress is, we all know that it is one-time wear. Well, that‘s the sad truth about your wedding dress. Since you won’t be wearing your wedding gown anymore, you need to wrap it up and store away somewhere safe. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t preserve it nicely. Don’t forget that your wedding dress is the most special wear of your life and therefore, it is your duty to take care of it just the way you do it to all your other attires. In case, if you are not sure about what to do with your wedding dress to keep it safe, we are here to help you.

What to Do?

With the pointers given below, you can take good care of your wedding dress.

  1. Get it dry cleaned: Before, you put it away don’t forget to get it dry cleaned. Even if there are no stains on your dress you should once get it dry cleaned. You should give your dress for dry cleaning only to cleaners that specialize in bridal gown cleaning. It is always to get your wedding dress cleaned professionally. So don’t you even think of doing it all by yourself.
  1. Don’t put it in the wardrobe: Most of us have the habit of storing our wedding gowns in the wardrobe. Well, that seems to be the best option. But doing so will only get your precious dress ruined. Hanging it up in the wardrobe will get it bashed against all the other clothes. Not only that, but it may also get moth-eaten a bit. Therefore, storing it away in the wardrobe isn’t a good option. You can instead get a special plastic box in which you can nicely fold the dress and keep it. This will protect your dress from the outside dust and light.

  1. Don’t use the plastic cover: Those of you, who are thinking of putting your dress in a plastic cover, just don’t. It is always better to use a cotton duvet cover instead of a plastic one. Plastic covers are known to disintegrate over time which may leave your dress unprotected.
  1. Use acid-free tissue: You should carefully pack your wedding gown in an acid-free Place the tissues between the layers as you fold the dress. You may also get a good box along with acid-free tissues in which you can store the dress away. Acid-free tissues are known to help preserve the fabric of the dress. Also, they don’t break down like ordinary tissues.

Now that you know the right tips to take care of your wedding dress make sure you follow them. This way you will be able to preserve your wedding dress for life and in the best way possible.

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