Tips You Need For Guest Blogging Sites

If you are a guest blogger or want to be one, then there is much more involved than just identifying the guest blogging sites. Infact, here are some tips and tricks which will help you in guest blogging.

Tips for writing for guest blogging sites –

  1. The author bio-link is important and should not be overlooked. True, this is a link which will not generate a lot of traffic. Actually, a study conducted showed that 2% of the people usually go to the site following the author’s bio-link. However, every visit counts and so it is a link which should not be disregarded. Therefore, when there is an informative author bio-link, the rankings are definitely impacted.
  2. Even though most people do guest blogging because they want to increase the traffic to their site, still it is not advisable to link back more than around 2-3 times for a lengthy post or article. In case the post is shorter, the number of links should decrease as well.
  3. There should be links to other authoritative sites as well as to other articles of the site. This is one practice which will endear you to the site owner.
  4. When people find that the links do not only link back to your site, they will develop a respect for you and consider you an authority on the subject. This has a huge impact on your brand awareness as well.
  5. The links should be high quality ones and that too natural links which will be tied up using anchor texts. One essential feature is that the articles should be written keeping in mind the audience first. The search engines should be kept in mind as a distant second. If the order is reversed, the consequences will be nothing short of disastrous.
  6. When there is a tweet or a link from a publisher which is well known, your visibility will increase manifold times. This is possible by building your network and writing for those sites which have a considerable audience which is engaged. This increases the audience and then slowly you can build up your network by writing for bigger sites.
  7. When you write blogs or posts, you should write multiple ones for a single site rather than just a single blog. This is because you will be able to reap greater rewards if you have written repeatedly rather than it being a one off case.
  8. Your main aim for writing a guest blog should not be just to generate traffic. You can generate traffic through other means as well such as pay-per-click or by other means of advertising. Your blog should be to entertain or inform the audience. It is only when a bond is formed between you and the audience that you can engage in a long term relationship with them and convert these from mere visitors to regulars.

The above tips and tricks can be followed if you want posting on guest blogging sites to be successful and fruitful.

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