Innamincka: What To Do When You Get There

Deep in the heart of the southern Australian outback lies the legendary town of Innamincka. Originally built around an isolated trading post, the town now includes a hotel and several other buildings, but remains the classic outback post town. This town mostly serves as a stopping point for off roaders coming in from the south on outback journeys, but it does boast a good amount of local features that make it a key stop for campervan hire travelers looking for the perfect isolated outback location to explore. You can easily use this town as your base for a few days of travel in the surrounding region. If you decide to take this route, then definitely check out these spots during your stay.

Cooper Creek

Right at the Innamincka Hotel you can be picked up and taken to nearby Cooper Creek for a cruise cruise. This two hour journey will get you out on the water in gorgeous surroundings. This is a truly relaxing and eye opening experience where you will get to see colorful pelicans, corellas, and seagulls up close. The shore is made up of classic outback river gums, making for the absolute perfect outback water experience. If you’ve always wanted to check out the water life of the outback, then this tour is definitely for you. Even better, after the tour you will be dropped off right back at the hotel.

Callyamurra Waterhole Just east of the village on the Innamincka–Nappamerrie Road you will find the unbelievable oasis the locals call the Callyamurra Waterhole. Here you will encounter a truly awe inspiring selection of bird life. If bird watching is your thing, you will be amazed at the sheer number of rare species here. Make sure to take enough time to see them all. The surroundings here are particularly gorgeous, with a massive stretch of glistening water which has been there for centuries. You can even find some ancient rock drawings from the local Aborigine tribes along the banks. Needless to say, this legendary waterhole is an absolute must for visitors in the region.

Coongie Lakes

If you drive your campervan north of Innamincka it won’t be long until you hit the beutiful Coongie Lakes district. These massive bodies of water provide sustenance for a wide variety of local wildlife and birds. Here you will see massive flocks of ducks and pelicans. The waters are packed with catfish, yellow belly, and beam, so avid fishermen will be in heaven here. This is truly the rugged heart of the outback, with all the beauty, wildlife, and isolated silence the region is famous for.

The Dig Tree

Here you will find a historic reminder about the failure of the infamous Burke and Willis expedition which went south in the region decades ago. It was here that the explorer’s crew waited in vain for their leaders to return from a scouting mission. This ill-fated crew became convinced that they would not return and decided to pack up camp. On this tree they left instructions for the two explorers should they return, the cryptic word “Dig”. Ironically, their leaders made it back to this camp just seven hours after they left. This stark reminder about the harshness and danger of this otherwise beautiful territory is a must see for anyone looking to get a true feel for the history of the area.

Lake Eyre

There are three separate ways to explore Lake Eyre during the flood season. One is to take an aircraft over this geographical marvel. Another is to take a boat out onto the water. You can also drive your campervan hire along the outer stretches, then take the northern route which will offer you amazing views on all sides. All three of these possibilities are on offer in the area, either through a guided plane or boat tour or by driving on your own. It is highly recommended that you do this, because this is easily one of the most gorgeous natural wonders the outback has to offer with many different river channels, amazing wildlife, and overall expansive scenery that you won’t soon forget.

Anyone in search of a true outback experience would be highly advised to make a stop in this isolated outpost that serves as a gateway to the surrounding territory. You can bed down at night in the comfortable hotel and spend your days exploring the local sights, watering holes, and simply experiencing the sights and scenery of this incredible region. Featuring colorful, friendly locals, a wide abundance of rich cultural history, and many miles absolutely breathtaking scenery, this is a true Australian outback adventure for campervan hire travelers. Road trippers have been talking up this unique town for many decades, and it won’t take you long to figure out why after your arrival.

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