How to Brand your Dealership to Get Maximum Attention

Branding is a top priority in car dealerships. Branding is what makes you different from your competitors. People think about you through your brand. Branding tells the type of experience customers can have from you. It is depicted in your ads, the availability of your customer service people to attend to customers and the business cards distributed to your target population.

Branding in vehicle dealerships is about giving customers a seamless experience. It is necessary to understand your branding and integrate it into your dealership. Use your creativity to ensure your brand stands out from the rest. Here are ways to brand your dealership:

Provide Free Services

To show your gratitude to your customers for buying a vehicle from your dealership, you can offer a free vehicle service within a certain period of time or free oil changes.  Car buyers can afford oil changes; however, being able to save at least $40 on car maintenance is something. Giving your customers free services shows that you care about them and their vehicle.

Host a Competition

Invite people to join the competition on creating and singing a jingle for your dealership. Make sure the competition is something people will be drawn in. For example, you can offer to give cash and a free lease on a new vehicle model to the winner.

Give them Comfortable Waiting Times

You want people to have something to munch on while waiting in your dealership. You cannot go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, delicious, quality coffee and milk.

Join the Social Media Craze

Although Facebook has been a famous social media platform in which many people have a presence, you don’t want to miss the opportunities you can get when you join newer platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Younger drivers tend to have more presence in these apps than Facebook or Twitter.

Encourage and Allow Staff Branding

Staff branding refers to employees promoting themselves. Allow this approach with restrictions to protect your brand. Consider giving them a part of your marketing budget to do the promotion. It makes sense to get these people trained about branding, getting noticed through a unique voice and messaging. Once your employees make a name and gain popularity, they can bring in more customers to your dealership.

Make time to consider how you want the public see your business. Capturing the attention of your target audience is important to maintain your profitability. Once you have a solid customer base, make sure you use an effective auto dealer CRM to retain them.

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