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Get Clarity on Myths Regarding Assisted Living for Elderly People Being Quite Expensive

When it is time for elderly loved ones to get proper assistance, we look for the best option. Not every human being is of same nature hence their style of living is also different. With age, some human beings become stubborn, while others adjust and compromise thinking about others. Not all set up that you think is good for them. There are minute things that are taken into consideration before setting it up for them.

Senior assisted living is another way of setting them up in a proper community where they can live freely. Everything is looked after by the community and you have to pay them every month. Assisted living has earned lot of fame in past few years. It is as good as an alternative to home health care. In contrast to nursing homes, assisted living provides homely atmosphere to senior citizens.

An elderly resident holds a therapeutic robot named Paro at the Suisyoen retirement home, about 30 km (19 miles) south of the tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture, July 28, 2011. For some elderly survivors of Japan’s march earthquake and tsunami, comfort comes in the form of a small white robotic seal named Paro. The residents of the nursing home came back from a nearly two-month-long evacuation since the nuclear crisis in Fukushima. Picture taken July 28, 2011. To match Reuters Life! ROBOT-SEAL/ REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon (JAPAN – Tags: SCI TECH SOCIETY ENERGY) 

However, there are many myths about Assisted living as mentioned below –

Myth 1

Assisted living is very costly to afford, especially for people who are old and are unable to manage their work. This is a myth because the lifestyle varies from state to state. Even the laws vary for every state therefore it is difficult to determine whether the AL you selected is cheap or expensive. There are some companies, who provide insurance policies which can cover the complete cost involved in moving your dear one to assisted living.

Myth 2

The biggest myth is that senior citizens are provided fulltime care. This isn’t true, if you want fulltime care then it is better to hire someone for home care or shift your family member to nursing home. However, it doesn’t mean that all senior citizens are left on their own, but medical assistance is provided only when it is required and that is also paid by the resident.

A monthly routine checkup is always done and assistance in other works like, laundry, washing, cleaning is also given. However, there are some communities who provide AL with nursing homes. These might be expensive.

Believe in your instinct when you examine an assisted living. If you’re not impressed with the service or appearance then don’t push yourself. Assisted living is perfect for senior citizens, who need very little help with their daily activities. It simply helps you in maintaining your lifestyle and lives independently. There is no need to feel shy in shifting your family member to an assisted living. It is better to keep them under supervision than leaving them all alone on their own.

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